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MTG прогресс № 6: Отсутствует

1. MTG Arena и Standart.
Зимой Боросы (фактически же -- Weenie White с каплей красного), таки зажгли.

После январского выпуска "Выбор Равники", помимо прочих добавившие расовые ч0рно-белые цвета гильди Орз(ж)ов (Orzhov), появилась надежда на освежение ч0рно-белой агрессивной колоды, неплохо выступившей летом. Но пока пусто.
Скоро? в начале мая, будет пререлиз нового выпуска War of the Spark. Там главной темой заявлен упор на Planeswalker'ов. Не уверен, что пойду.

2. Commander
Попинал Тажика: медленный французский вариант и быстрый вариант, под местный метагейм.

Зимой, 09 февраля в городе-герое состоялся открытый чемпионат по Дуэльному Коммандеру (20НР). Участие приняло без малого 50 человек. Для нас это рекорд. Были гости из обеих столиц, Астрахани и ряда других городов. Призовое место в очередной раз занял понаехавший понаприехавший москвич! :=)
Там вновь убедился, что руки растут из жопы. Отыграл всего три раунда из шести-семи, после чего свалил прочь и вчера было два месяца, как к картам не прикасаюсь: ни физически, ни электронно. Похоже, на МАджичку таки забил.

3. В рамках изучения информации по колодам на Тажике, нашёл интересный коммент на форуме MTGSalvation:
I'm glad to see the response in this thread! The discussion is great and there are some important points being made.

Here's what I think of some of the general issues raised in RW:
Card Draw and Flow - it's been highlighted that this is a major problem in RW, and I agree. However, I think that recent printings in Light Up the Stage, Experimental Frenzy, etc. are slowly addressing this issue in a color appropriate way. Combine them with the classic all-stars of Boros (Land Tax, Wheel of Fortune, Outpost Siege, etc.), as well as white's many small dedicated archetype support cards (like Sram, Senior Artificer, Dawn of Hope, Mentor of the Meek etc.), and it might be possible that this issue will slowly improve enough for RW to stop lagging behind so hard.

Mana Issues - Cards like Knight of the White Orchid, Boreas Charger, Isolated Watchtower, Sword of the Animist, and the recent Smothering Tithe can help produce a fair amount of mana, and when combined with regular artifact mana it seems like RW can keep up with the pace of the table. However, I peeked at EDHREC's Boros staples section, and I was shocked at the number of weak artifacts there are there, cards like Burnished Hart, Boros Cluestone and every other 3CMC bad mana rock. This points out to me that RW is really suffering in terms of mana and that there aren't better choices to have.
As a result, I think we can all agree that a RW commander that costs more than 4 will have a very big problem consistently hitting the board even with all of that support.

Removal Issues - I was actually very surprised to find claims in this thread saying black removal was better, which I wholeheartedly disagree with. White has Swords to Plowshares and Path to Exile, two of the strongest and most efficient spot removals in the format, and Oblivion Ring and Banishing Lightwhich remove just about anything, along with noncreature removal such as Crush Contraband, Return to Dust, as well as a ton of diverse mass removal, like Cleansing Nova, Hour of Revelation. You can even blow up lands with Armageddon! Black can't do that!

I'd like to think harder about what we want from a RW commander, since if we don't know what that is we can't ask WOTC to print it for us.

Spellslinger commanders - I don't think RW can be a true spellslinging deck, since that archetype needs a LOT of card draw. RG has Wort, the Raidmother to copy giant spells in a color identity that has a ton of mana to pour into giant spells and tons of tokens to abuse the commander. Anything with blue or black probably has sufficient card draw that's built into the color. White is a big problem in that regard - even mono R can do fine with Zada, Hedron Grinder. With that in mind, the closest thing to spellslinging RW will likely do is stuff with Monastery Mentor and such, but there's really not much to work with.

Auras/Equipments - I feel like there are plenty of RW commanders that support running a ton of these. This relates pretty heavily to the claim that most boros commanders are just legendary turn-me-sideways cards that don't do much. I think the rest is pretty obvious.

Punisher commanders - On the one hand RW has some of the best punishing effects (Stranglehold, Price of Glory, War's Toll, Zo-zu the Punisher, Rule of Law, etc.), but on the other hand it's a good point that tax commanders can feel really bad to play against, so it's a fair assumption that WOTC won't print another GAAIV in RW. Land destruction is also frowned upon in many EDH communities, so I wouldn't count on them to print it either, at least not in a precon. What's left is generic hate effects and it's pretty hard to balance them, especially around the command zone.
Examples of what might see print: Thalia, Heretic Cathar, Zo-zu the Punisher, Gaddock Teeg, Kaervek the Merciless, Mogis, God of Slaughter, Ajani Vengeant
Examples of stuff that will probably not see print: Hokori, Dust Drinker, Derevi, Empyrial Tactician (was thought to be ok but turned out horribly imbalanced)

Прочёл. Суть понял. Собирался подрядиться и перевести. Но, похоже, уже не до сук :о)

4. Понравилась статья The Oldest School: A Wizards' Tournament Primer, о том как фанаты отыграли турнир по самым первым правилам 1993 года. С картами первых выпусков, ессно.

И минутка петросянства :)

Юмор в том, что играя одноцветной колодой (как минимум -- белой виней), стартовая рука с одной землёй это норма, без какой либо иронии. А в колодах, содержащих два и более цвета это уже крайне рисковано, в чём и прикол на картинке

Тем не менее, на Magic The Gathering уже ровно два месяца как забил.
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